revenir (FabFilter's ONE)

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revenir for FabFilter ONE

contains 101 presets

I've owned FF ONE since 2005.

I have to say- I am quite guilty of using the init default program because of it's gansta whine sound. Its just great and very addictive.

ONE was released in 2004 and while there have been a few additions (it IS now polyphonic...originally released as monophonic...) there have been few changes since 2004. That still sounds awesome.

Since 2004, there have been various trends in the VST world to include all sorts of bells and whistles on the synths themselves and it seems that the next new great thing comes to us about once every couple for gems like FF ONE?...those often get left in the corner of our toolboxes...

and that is too bad.

An elegant and seemingly sparse set of controls on the ONE interface completely belie it's ability. While the layout is simple and easy to understand, once one starts tweaking- you are soon realizing there is a bit of genius in the interaction of the Cutoff, Filter EG, Decay and Sustain controls that is a little difficult to explain... it's much better if you find out for yourself... but suffice it to say: they all affect each other and the synth IS very dynamically designed in this regard.

Another hidden or not so apparent feature is ONE's LFO's MG Waveform control... which can swing or shuffle by creating offset to the shape of the triangle/square wave chosen. Again- better demonstrated than described ;]

In any case- ONE certainly proves that 'limitations' can often be quite inspiring if the synth is this solid to begin with!

another great thing about ONE is that its sooo CPU efficient! I you want to slap several in a rack, you can do it and it sounds HUGE!

I put together 'revenir' to help bring a tiny bit of attention to a synth that a great many of us already own...and I hope some of the sounds and their application may surprise you!

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revenir (FabFilter's ONE)

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