Filmstrips from the 70's (Repro-1)

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Filmstrips from the 70's (presets for Repro-1 by blortblort)

consists of 92 new sounds for U-he's Repro-1

When Urs announced Repro 1 was in the works, I was thrilled.

The Sequential Circuits Pro-One (the "basis" for Repro-1's design...) came out in 1981...same year as when I graduated High School...

When some of my friends were getting cars for graduation, I got a Pro-One and a Fender Bassman 410 amp. (Thanks to awesome parents!!!)

I had been fiddling around with an arp axxe (that I had of my best friends to buy...) and I had spent several hours at the music store abusing my "test driving" privileges.

I am sure the good folks at the Music Mart were glad to NOT see me every other Saturday morning for a while ;]

truth is- by the next year, I had saved my summer job money and bought a Roland SDE1000 to go with this tidy set up!

All that to say: the Repro-1 configuration is NOT all that foreign from what I spent sooo many hours with 35years ago.

I am home

there are so many things to love about Repro-1, this could be quite lengthy...but I'll touch on the ones that are at the top of my list:

The envelope behavior is EXACTLY like that of the Pro-One! upon latching repeat, arp, or sequence, etc- you can move the attack on the filter envelope so that the filter starts retriggering while it is still in its attack moving this around, all sorts of complex timing inconsistencies can be acheived and resolved...very very cool trick! Not many other synths work in just this way!

The other thing that I must praise the U-he team for is the decisions about what should stay true to the original and what was introduced to make Repro-1 even MORE than its predecessor-

The "tweaks" page gives access to inverting the saw waveforms as well as choices of behavior for the Oscillators, Filter and Envelopes...and I am going to refrain from mentioning the performance modulators which truly do bring the synth to a different level ;]

For the Filmstrips from the 70's, I wanted to get those sounds that I so loved to make as well as push this beast to see what COULD be done with the new features included here.

I hope there is something for everyone. I initially planned to include only 64 preset... but I could not help myself. There are likely to be 90+ by the time you read this

thanks much for your support! 


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Filmstrips from the 70's (Repro-1)

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