Permut8'd phun

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Permut8'd phun

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Soniccharge's Permut8 is a masterpiece.


Permut8 is a sound design kaleidescope.

if you don't own it, and you are passionate about sound manipulation, you owe yourself a gift.

as of the 1.1 update of Permut8, Magnus (the genius behind Soniccharge) put out "firmware banks" for Permut8.

These are special banks that replace/extend the capabilities of Permut8 by changing it's native algorithms.

I have used 3 of these firmware banks to create programs specific to these firmwares:

Trancelvania (Trancelvania presently_BB)

FOOBar (FooBar BB)

Mozaik (Mozaik museums BB)

Additionally, I have created a bank using Permut8's native algorithms: Mayhemispheric_BB

These banks for free!

Please go here to download and use freely!


The true power of Permut8 as a sound design tool is the ability to route MIDI to change the programs in realtime. the process of how to do this varies from DAW to DAW, but this is described on page 13 of the Permut8 users guide pdf: https://soniccharge.com/public/Permut8%20User%20Guide.pdf


put the *.p8banks in your user bank folder

in windows, this is My DocumentsSonic ChargePermut8 User Banks)

when you load up Permut8 in your DAW, you can bring up the Permut8 GUI, go to "open bank" and hit the User banks option on the page, and you will see the banks there

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