Orange 90 (Ableton Analog)

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Orange 90 is a set of 133 presets for one of Ableton Live Suite's most overlooked instruments: Analog

There seems to be an attitude that "native" plugins on any DAW are somewhat inferior or lacking... IMHO, that is not the case nowadays. Especially not when it comes to the native effects and instruments in Ableton Live... but that is not the matter at hand.

The matter at hand is that I have come up with a set of sounds called "Orange 90"

The 'Orange'' part is a nod to one of my favorite Scottish brothers duo, Boards of Canada.

The "90" part has to do with the fact that these sounds were all constructed to be *optimally* used in compositions at 90 bpm.

... Analog has an overlooked powerful feature in that one can employ looping envelopes in its amp and filter sections...independently ...for each of the two oscillators... there ARE of course LFOs which can be tempo sync'd automatically... however... Analog does NOT have any provision to tempo sync envelope looping. That means- if you want to sync the looping to the tempo of the song, you have to do math ;]

with the help of a special M4L "delay calculator" (its a included with the purchase of the set!) I set up the envelopes so that all the sounds are sync'd at 90bpm...

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Orange 90 (Ableton Analog)

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