Avenoir (Ohmboyz)

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includes 16 banks for Ohmforce's Ohmboyz VST delay device

[IMPORTANT- these banks work ONLY on Ohmboyz. They were NOT created on Ohmboyz Infinity and will NOT work on Ohmboyz Infinity]

(each bank contains 8 presets)

total presets =128

Avenoir: n. the desire that memory could flow backward

We take it for granted that life moves forward.

But you move as a rower moves,

facing backwards:

you can see where you’ve been,

but not where you’re going.

And your boat is steered by a younger version of you.

It’s hard not to wonder what life would be like

facing the other way…

This is the definition of the word "Avenoir" ...from the dictionary of obscure sorrows.


its a fascinating site where words are made up to describe thoughts and feelings for which there is no present word to define.

When I read this definition, I thought it was an appropriate way to describe the sort of "echos" that I have tried to create in this set of presets for Ohmforce Ohmboyz.

Echoes ARE literally revisitations of the past...and I'd like to say that this set brings a unique set of revisitations to your DAW ;)

This is my second set for Ohmboyz and of all the many many delays that I own, Ohmboyz will always have a special place in my musical palette.

the very first preset that I ever pulled up on Ohmboyz so many years ago was one called "Simple delay LPF LFO". It has a wonderful low pass filter sweep of the delay signal across the stereo field. magnificient.

That preset was the inspiration for this set that became Avenoir.

There are pitch shifters, reverses, both..., use of square wave LFO's to create odd delay time interplay and lots of nice and not so nice filter sweeps. I do so love the Ohmforce filters!

As a possible curiosity to Ableton Live users, I had thought about including some sets of dummy clips mapped to the 8 presets in a bank...and by using follow actions on those clips, the user can sequence preset changes or create random and ever changing preset changes... for either live performance or to simply resample amazing delay morphs, etc...

if anyone is interested in that after purchasing this set, let me know and I will start setting that addition up (IF there is enough interest, I'd simply provide those "dummy clips" at no extra charge)

it's a little tricky to set this up ...i've done a couple so far for some of the banks in this set- but it really is very cool to be able to play solo lines into Ohmboyz and have the presets change and morph from one to another ;]

In the meantime-

Please Enjoy!

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Avenoir (Ohmboyz)

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